Being an event planner, I find myself for much of 2020 with a lot of free time and a statement that constantly reverberates in my head: “REINVENT YOURSELF”. Okay, I'm willing, but what do I do?

KAPIO is a young project that was born as a result of three concepts that converge on the idea of ​​creating a quality jewellery brand at more affordable prices than the big jewellery houses: the boom in expensive catchpenny, the need to reinvent-myself and my grandmother Archi.

For a long time, through social networks, I had been seeing catchpenny brands (silver or gold-plated brass) becoming a huge success despite having scandalous prices, far removed from the quality derived from the materials of their products. That is when I ask myself, do consumers really know what we are buying?

However, I do not find so many jewellers that sell a quality product with current, simple and youthful designs that do not have the astronomical prices of the big international jewellery houses.

Although I am not a big jewellry consumer, I have a thousand memories with my grandmother where we traveled back in time through the stories behind each of her pieces. I like to think we all have a similar memory that we cherish and brings us back to childhood.

Over the years, some of those pieces that we admired as children may now be ours, adding to them even more stories and taking with us a small piece of family history. If a jewel manages to engulf part of the immortality of the soul of the person who wears it, and can make the finite eternal, I want to be able to contribute to creating stories with pieces that last and accompany generation after generation.

With this I can see what I will reinvent myself, now I must decide how I want to do it. I thought that if this project was ever released it had to be through a commitment to responsible production, structured consumption and a circular economy that was respectful of the natural and social environment. With the help of some workshops in Barcelona, ​​the first collection was born with about 30 pieces, some made by hand and others with more advanced techniques, but always working with sterling silver and gold to ensure that time does not alter the product. Focusing the project towards local commerce, we not only promote the local economy, but we also reduce the carbon footprint that the company may have, working only on demand to avoid overproduction, and including packaging made with recycled and recyclable materials or free of plastics.


KAPIO is born with the desire to bring quality jewellry to an increasingly demanding, aware and responsible public.


Uri Capell – March 2021, Barcelona - Spain